20 – 29 FEBRUARY 2020

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Inspired by the ‘Light and space’ movement of the 1960s (Los Angeles) Daniel O’Toole’s work is positioned in the post-digital context of contemporary Australia. His work embraces the imperfections and low-res modes of recording as an aesthetic decision.

His time based works are a conflation of analogue and digital processes. The video works combined with soundscapes offer a dialogue between sight and sound, to express a personal interpretation of how they can relate to one another. The result is a kinetic painting intended to be paused at various intervals and consequently mined for imagery.

O’Toole’s paintings are framed behind a semi-transparent screen, to alter perception and re-animate the static image. Questioning the ubiquity of the digital screen, the work emphasises ‘seeing’ as an active engagement rather than a passive receiving.

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