20 – 29 FEBRUARY 2020

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Dokta Pore started his sporadic graffiti career way back in 1988 after seeing an older kid bust out a full colour piece on his primary school toilet block. Having been a BreakDancer and Skater the good Dokta was infatuated with the Hip-Hop culture and used graffiti as an extension of his involvement.

Hanging out with some of Perth’s most active graffiti artists gave him the inspiration to push his art harder. However, it was not until he joined forces with Ladie Poise that he started really working on styles. Varying from simple blockbusters, semi wildstyles to intricate calligraphy, Dokta Pore has always had a focus on lettering. However, recently he has pushed into character work as a way of enhancing his works and adding another dimension.
A rather reclusive artist, Dokta Pore does not exhibit often. He has featured in various local and interstate exhibitions, as well as magazines. Dokta Pore was a feature artist in Australia’s “Illegal Fame” magazine Ghost Writers series.

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