20 – 29 FEBRUARY 2020

Can't Do Tomorrow

Using acrylic paints, inks and vector work to fabricate murals and illustrations, Fausto Gallego creates a distinct aesthetic that draws in the viewer with his bright pop colour style. His desire to create bigger and more elaborate artworks, is most likely derived from his short stature. He bring his unique character and perspective of the vast world into his pieces and is not one to shy away from a joke or two. 

Most of the techniques and experience Fausto has learnt are through painting his murals which are founded on a large amount of research, reading and his ‘never give up’ attitude. A favourite saying of his is ” Do or do not, there is no try”.  

A background in animation has influenced Fausto’s work to include more expressive and enriched elements moving towards increased flow and motion. The success of winning awards, such as the Immerse overall winner, has given Fausto more opportunities to engage with local communities whilst exploring his art. 

Fausto’s work is not just his, it is made of all the people that he’s encountered, the support from his friends, family, artists, and clients. Without a doubt, while pushing forward in small steps, the refreshing attitude that Fausto possesses and his focus on the future drives him forever forward.


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