20 – 29 FEBRUARY 2020

Can't Do Tomorrow

Travis Van Zanen, a Melbourne born virtual reality artist known by the name “Giant Swan” has been creating alternate realities at the cutting edge of a new medium. Giant Swan‘s work has progressed alongside VR creative tools to control digital art using his recorded full-body movement, borrowing from mediums like painting, sculpture, and animation.

In 2017, his work appeared behind The Smith Street Band’s set at Falls Festival, followed by a residency at Chantilly Studio’s in the Nicholas Building. Giant Swan has collaborated with multiple Lo-FI and Hip-Hop Producers, exploring colourful, wondrous and ambient worlds populated with somber and thoughtful moments that encourage patrons to experience the moments themselves as an active presence in the scenes.

Giant Swan‘s artistic influences are wide and varied, building from a life growing up in state parks to pop culture and video games mixed and Melbourne’s punk and hip hop scenes.

In December 2019, Giant Swan was part of the Greenbank Art festival at the Modern Art Museum in Shanghai. The installation included a recreation of his studio space and multiple entries of his virtual worlds. He is also currently working on the largely anticipated Petrichor, expected to show in early 2020. It promises to be an emotional installation bringing the Daintree Rainforest and its complexities to the public for audiences to experience the worlds oldest forest and it’s current state in today’s climate, Directed by Ben Andrews and Emma Roberts.


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