20 – 29 FEBRUARY 2020

Can't Do Tomorrow

Khosnaran Khurelbaatar is ‘Heesco’, a Mongolian-Australian muralist and fine artist based in Melbourne, Australia, currently working out of Versus Studios.

Heesco’s murals are experimental, emotive and genre defying artworks, with a notable following in Australia and overseas. In a prolific career spanning two decades, Heesco has had 7 solo exhibitions, numerous group exhibitions, and a string of high-profile collaborative projects. His past clients include names like Youtube, Nike, and Ubereats, but a career highlight for Heesco has been creating enormous 22m tall silo artworks in Karoonda (SA) Grenfell and Weethalle (NSW).

Stylistically, Heesco draws influences from a spectacularly wide range of visual styles, from renaissance realism, gestural abstraction, surrealism, pop art and comic books, to hip-hop, punk rock, and graffiti – with a healthy dose of Mongolian cultural references for good measure. The results are often technically brilliant, visually striking, and conceptually unique.

Heesco is a Doug Moran National Portrait Prize finalist, winner of Footscray Art Prize, and is the subject of a mini-documentary “Heesco – Homeland, Mongolia”. Heesco also frequently works with schools and local youth and community development programs, mentoring workshops, and does pro bono work for NGOs and charity organisations.



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