20 – 29 FEBRUARY 2020

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Kaff-eine is an established street and contemporary artist recognised for her illustrative freehand style, delicate linework, and quiet melancholic characters. She has painted public and private works in Australia, Germany, France, USA and the Philippines; had successful solo and group exhibitions, and illustrated two children’s books.

To celebrate LGBTQI identity and culture, Kaff-eine is creating Infinite Thanks, a collection of small paintings with images and  stories called ‘ex votos’, dedicated to rainbow deities. These will reflect the daily fears, needs, and aspirations of a range of rainbow folk. Kaff-eine will display these paintings inside a purpose-built shrine at the Can’t Do Tomorrow festival.

Are you an LGBTQI adult? Kaff wants you to collaborate with her! Creatively express your intimate moments of gratitude by making and exhibiting ex voto paintings to your own rainbow saints, and contributing to the growth of the Infinite Thanks shrine.

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