20 – 29 FEBRUARY 2020

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What are you thankful for? Who are you thankful to?

Regularly estranged from family and other networks, LGBTQI folks have created our own family units, communities, and cultural pursuits, including great devotion to LGBTQI icons and personalities; our very own rainbow saints and divine beings.

To celebrate LGBTQI identity and culture, Kaff-eine is creating Infinite Thanks, a collection of small paintings with detailed images and written stories called ‘ex votos’, dedicated to rainbow deities. Personal, humble, whimsical and sometimes spicy, these ex votos will reflect the daily fears, needs, dangers, dreams and aspirations of a range of rainbow folks. Kaff-eine will display these paintings inside a purpose-built LGBTQI shrine at the Can’t Do Tomorrow festival in Melbourne, February 2020.

Are you an LGBTQI adult? Kaff wants you to collaborate with her! Creatively express your intimate moments of gratitude by making and exhibiting ex voto paintings to your own rainbow saints, and contributing to the growth of the Infinite Thanks shrine.

Do you have personal stories of woe quelled by divine intervention, or of joy due to the heavenly presence of your rainbow saint? Did you escape a vehicle accident at Pride? Did watching Dana Scully in the X Files make you gay? Are you preparing for top surgery? Do you want to celebrate your queer love and friendships? Whatever your rainbow story, paint and exhibit it alongside Kaff’s ex votos and shrine in Infinite Thanks.

Join Kaff’s relaxed ex voto workshops, where you can bring a small offering to add to the shrine (think kitsch, cheeky and colourful), and paint ex votos in a supportive environment. All abilities are welcome, and you’ll have plenty of help to bring your story to life in ex voto form. Kaff will hold free Melbourne workshops before the Festival (dates and locations TBA) and during the Festival, on-site at The Facility. You can also create your ex voto at home, and bring it to The Facility; or send Kaff a message with your story and (if you have one) your deity, and she’ll add it to the Infinite Thanks exhibition.

Infinite Thanks will offer viewers a unique, creative insight into the daily private lives of the LGBTQI community; a charming, outrageous, uplifting celebration of our own character and resilience, and a public offering to our own saints, gods and divine creations. The shrine and collection of paintings will grow more fabulous with each contribution, on each day of the Festival. Following the Festival, Kaff plans to travel the exhibition and shrine to more states and regions, so that even more rainbow folks can collaborate.

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