20 – 29 FEBRUARY 2020

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Originally from Perth, Ladie Poise started her artistic career as a teenage Graffiti Writer in the Eighties. Over the years her self-taught styles have evolved into intricate works depicting scenes of bright cheerfulness to dark morbidity. Driven by the evidence of a disposable society she has a penchant for painting thrown away items, op shop finds, rusty cans, furniture and straight up junk that you might find on a council chuck out.

Not all her art is dark and foreboding. A lot of her creations are bright, almost pop art creations with a Fifties feel, modernised with a twist of tattoo and low brow styles.

Poise specialises in aerosol art and acrylic paintings on any number of surfaces. She is also proficient at drawing, custom fonts, and designing tattoos.

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