20 – 29 FEBRUARY 2020

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Currently residing in Melbourne, French-Parisian born artist Lucy Lucy has graciously carved her niche in the Australian urban art community. Her work moves between large- scale public murals, gallery work, tribal ornaments and bespoke fashion. She has been painting murals and exhibiting in France, the US, Canada, Thailand, Australia, and the UK.

Her paintings capture the evolving folklore of the feminine, exploring symbols of the energy through archetypal portraits of muses, queens, mothers or goddesses who all share the art and privilege of being a woman. Lucy Lucy’s work intends to bring to the surface the inherent feminine drive to share, collaborate, and care in order to balance with the masculine rules and heritage of achieving.

More recently, Lucy has been exploring the concepts of presence and perception through imaginary masks enfolding women portraits. The concealing veneers echo with the idea that rarely oneself is entirely present or is able to see reality as it is.

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