20 – 29 FEBRUARY 2020

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A resident artist at Melbourne’s Blender Studios, installation and street artist Tinky works with miniature figurines and models on a Lilliputian scale, making use of gritty street landscapes, where laneway drains or cracks in a wall morph into comical miniature worlds.

Tinky often uses discarded, vintage, or oversized objects within her miniature dioramas, so that each scene has a comedic undertone, exaggerates a message, or emphasises playful folly. i.e. miniature construction workers might gather to fix a broken egg shell, or a discarded fish-shaped soy-sauce ampule becomes “the big catch” for a miniature fishing scene.

Hidden in plain sight, Tinky’s miniature works are accompanied by a punny caption which can only be found on her Instagram account.

It has been said that Tinky’s miniature dioramas add a sense of surprise and wonder to the streets, with unlikely installations on a pipe or window sill, in a gutter, or a hole-in-the-wall.

While Tinky’s work is diminutive and often undertaken in the street, her miniature scenes are transferable to any space and have been featured in solo and group gallery exhibitions and art festivals, including the Australian Biennale of Australian Art.

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