20 – 29 FEBRUARY 2020

Can't Do Tomorrow

Opportunity for artists to exhibit and sell work

If you roam the nebulous chasms and wild wildernesses of the art world as a lone wolf, you qualify for one of the spaces we’ve set aside for unrepresented artists in our UNLEASH sector.

We are serious about creating a community that will garner the contemporary urban movement the recognition it deserves. If you and your work genuinely embody the urban art scene, we want to hear from you.

If selected, you will become part of the Can’t Do Tomorrow crew. And believe us, once you’re in la famiglia you’ll be well looked after. We know all the tricks of the trade when it comes to offering unique curatorial opportunities. We’ll hustle tirelessly to generate new commercial avenues for your art.

We are also dedicated to working with artists to create immersive spaces that directly respond to their work. We feel towards white-walled exhibitions that politely recede into the background as we do towards vanilla ice cream and the missionary position. Nice, but easily bettered. ­­

Selection will be made by our industry panel on the application and quality of the artwork presented.

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