20 – 29 FEBRUARY 2020

Can't Do Tomorrow

Cigarettes. Ikea furniture. Posh chocolates. Some things belong in white boxes. We don’t think art is one of them.

Between 20 and 29 of February 2020, we transformed the Facility, Kensington, into an outlandish Eden populated by a 16,000-strong crowd more hedonistic than a 90s warehouse rave.

More than 150 artists, crews and collectives descended on the Facility to display (and distribute) work in urban art disciplines as varied as: painting, murals, photography, stencil, sculpture, video, illustration and epic immersive installations.

We changed the way you experience public space, hollered ourselves hoarse about Australia’s urban art scene and inspired (as well as invested in) a new generation of talent. Ultimately, we questioned the very nature of art itself.

We don’t pretend to be custodians of the contemporary urban art scene. We’re a micro-movement inside a macro-movement. The underground grows, advances and develops with its own organic energy. We’re just here to provide the platform.

See you in 2021.

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Subscribe here for urban art spam