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The Space

The Facility, Kensington
2r Chelmsford Street
Kensington VIC

The Facility is one of Melbourne’s most iconic underground spaces – the scene of sophisticated soirees and grimy after-parties.

This turn-of-the-century industrial building is covered in murals by some of the city’s most prolific artists and has more shadowy doorways leading to God knows where than the backstreets of Collingwood. It’s a place where you’ll stumble on quirky cocktail bars and secret stages cunningly concealed between the best installations in Melbourne (ok, ok, the whole of Australia).

Meet the next generation of talent. Discover brave new worlds secreted in subterranean cellars. Drink craft brews or cheap domestics and cavort to covert DJ sets. But don’t forget your wallet. They’re artists not charity workers you cheap f*ckers.

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